Power of Live Events

Live EventsIf you are new to online marketing, you may think that attending live events will not be beneficial to you. I never thought like that because I have attended live events for other endeavors. I do believe that there are events that are more beneficial than others but you won’t know that until you try them. There are many benefits of attending live events: networking/building relationships, joint ventures, learning/education, validation and rejuvenation.

Networking/Building Relationships

Live Events NetworkingAs someone who is naturally an introvert and shy, this was the hardest part of attending live events. I used to go back to my room after the sessions were over and order room service. I made a concerted effort to get out of my comfort zone.  I now will strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know and  attend the social events outside of the event. I recently attended Connie Ragen Greens’s Weekend Marketer Live event and we went to dinner several nights as a group.  It was a lot of fun and I really had an opportunity to get to know several people in the group. The picture to the left is one of those outings.


Joint Ventures

When you attend live events, you should be talking with people to determine how you can help them.  This can lead to a joint venture in a lot of cases.  You should not see people in your niche as competition. Everyone brings something unique to the table. You can create a product that is more successful if you combine your skills together.


Live Events LearningOne of the things I like the most about live events is the education that I receive. I love attending the different sessions and learning new things. I usually take copious notes. I also create a list of “things to do” as I am attending the sessions. This list will be prioritized later.


Sometimes when you are working online, you feel like any problem you have is something that only you are experiencing.  The reality is you are probably not the only one having that issue. When you attend live events you discover that your peers are wrestling with some of the same common issues that you are dealing with.


Sometimes you get stuck in a rut or you lose sight of the big picture. Attending a live event can really rejuvenate you. You get excited about what you are trying to achieve and go home with renewed energy.  When I attend live events, I usually stay 1 day later. I review my notes and determine which action steps I will be implementing right away. It is all about taking a step back and getting refocused on your big-picture goals and objectives.

As you can see live events are something you really need to participate in even if you are starting out. If you are unsure of which events will be beneficial for you, ask your mentor or coach for suggestions.  I now attend  approximately 7 to 8 live events a year.

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