Procrastination – How to Overcome It in 5 Minutes and Obtain a Successful Online Marketing Business

ProcrastinationAccording to Wikipedia, procrastination “refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.” At some point in our life, we have all dealt with procrastination. However, when it interferes with achieving your dreams of having a successful online business, you must address it.

Lately, I have been suffering with procrastination and I decided to find some resources to help me.  I came across a book by Jim Edwards called “How to Overcome Procrastination, The 5-Minute Roadblock Buster Solution.” I find myself either doing tasks that I perceive as easier even though they are not the important tasks that I should be doing.  The most important tasks that I should be doing should be earning me money since I want a full-time online marketing business.  As my mentor, Connie Ragen Green says “What is for sale today?”

In this book, Jim Edwards talks about roadblocks as anything that keeps you from reaching your goals.  There are external and internal roadblocks.  I believe that I suffer most from the internal roadblocks.  He defines 4 main internal roadblocks: “The Voice”, doubt, overwhelm and multi-tasking.  I believe that all four of these have been contributing to my procrastination.

“The Voice” will tell me, I can’t release this product, because it has to be perfect.  In fact, it is better to get something out there and perfect it along the way. I am not saying to put out an inferior product, but at some point, good is good enough. Doubt can stop you dead in your tracks.  You start to doubt whether you can achieve a goal that you have established.  In order to avoid failure, you do nothing. Overwhelm is easy to experience especially as a part-time online marketer.  You have your full time job responsibilities; you family obligations and you are also trying to start a part-time business.  The best thing to do is to write a list of all the things you need to do in order. I believe I am the queen of multi-tasking.  Well, it has been proven that your brain really doesn’t multi-task, it just switches back and forth.

Jim Edwards outlines in his book a 5-Minute Roadblock Buster. Below are the 5 steps to Roadblock Buster:

  1. Take 5 minutes and visualize what you are about to do. Think about what you want to get done.
  2. Write done the best outcome that you want.
  3. Write down the action steps that you must do to get the job done.
  4. Visualize yourself taking each of those actions successfully and in order.
  5. Feel good about getting it done.

He believes that every night, you should make list of the things you need to get done.  Wait until the next morning to prioritize.

As a highly analytical, left-brain person, all of this visualization stuff sounds a little touchy, feely for me.  However, I am going to try it.  Before I go to bed tonight, I will write my list.  At this point, I am willing to try it.

Why don’t you read “How to Overcome Procrastination, The 5-Minute Roadblock Buster Solution” yourself and let me know what you think.  It is available on Kindle.  Leave a comment with your thoughts.


Procrastination – How to Overcome It in 5 Minutes and Obtain a Successful Online Marketing Business — 9 Comments

  1. Well, I have to say, as more of a right-brained person, most time-management tips fall flat for me. I’ll have to try this more touch-feely approach!

  2. sometimes procrastination is a viable management technique used to free up time for more important things and to wait for the latest information before making a decision. However do not worry if you are a “little behind”, some people spend thousands to get a little behind. ;-P
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