Product Creation Newbie – The Creation Of My First Product

Product Creation NewbieIt is finally happening.  After much procrastination and angst, my first product, “How To Create An Amazon aStore”, has finally been born.  I have no good reason why I have been putting this off for so long.  There is no logical reason.  For whatever reason, I decided to come up with all kinds of excuses as to why I needed to wait.  What I will attempt to do now is try to help you so that you won’t go down the same path that I did. This blog post is intended to help the Product Creation Newbie with all the steps needed to create your first product.

Product Creation Newbie – Ideas

If you are anything like me, you have a million product ideas swirling in your head. The best thing to do is to write them all down.  You need to decide on one product and put all of the other ones on the back burner until you finish with one.  Jumping from one product to another is counter-productive. In the end, you will end up with multiple products partially finished and nothing that you can actually market and sell. In the beginning, I would suggest that you start with the product that is the easiest and fastest to complete. 48 Hour Product will show you how to create a product in just 2 days.

Product Creation Newbie – Format

There are multiple formats that you can use to create your product – short report, ebook, Kindle book, audio, video, webinar, etc. Content Forever by Jason Fladlien is a 73 page report that reveals his content strategies. The biggest take-away I got from  Content Forever was: “The best type of content to create is content that aims to solve a crippling problem that many shared individuals are currently experiencing and where these individuals can be reached through the Internet”.

The main format of my product How To Create An Amazon aStore is video.  I taped a webinar using PowerPoint slides with 3 people present.  The slides teach you step-by-step how to create an Amazon aStore on your WordPress site.  The slides include all of the screen shots that you will encounter while creating your store. The product also includes the audio and the transcript of the webinar.  In addition, to the main video, I also have smaller videos that show in real-time some of the steps described in the main video.

Product Creation Newbie – Sales Page

I used the Marketer CMS WordPress theme for my sales page. Marketer CMS allows you to easily create opt-in, sales and landing pages.  I used this WordPress theme for my Amazon aStore site.  I created a page that allows customers to get a free checklist using the Marketer CMS opt-in page. This opt-in page easily integrated with my autoresponder service, Aweber.  I also created my Sales Page using the Marketer CMS sales page. This theme comes with training videos that you can watch from your WordPress Dashboard.

Product Creation Newbie – Sales Platform

There are a lot of platforms available for selling your product.  You can use PayPal, JVZoo, 1 Shopping Cart, Clickbank, etc. Originally, I was going to sell the product through PayPal.  This was very easy to set up with my Sales Page.  I was advised that using JVZoo was a better solution. It was deemed as more professional than just using PayPal. This was also very easy to set up.  The one thing that they require is to use their pay buttons on your sales page. Also, I was able to set up an affiliate program with JVZoo.

Product Creation Newbie – Delivery Format

Initially, I was going to load the product on Amazon S3, zip it up and provide a link to the zip file.  After conferring with internet marketers that have much more experience than I do, I was convinced that this was not the best way to deliver the product.  Your customers may lose the email that contains the link to the product.  Also, not everyone is familiar with how to unzip a file.  Instead I decided to use a membership site.  I chose to use WishList. WishList is a WordPress plug-in that turns your site into a full-blown membership site. Now, I can load all of the videos, audio and transcript into the membership area so my customers will have easy access to the product.

I hope this information helps you through creating your first product.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions that you would like to ask.  Also, please leave a comment to share your experience with your first product.


Product Creation Newbie – The Creation Of My First Product — 15 Comments

  1. Adrienne,

    I, too, have lots of ideas and (sad to say)I don’t follow through with them.

    On your last step of “Delivery Format” you said you used Wishlist to deliver the content. Did you still have to upload your videos to Amazon S3 to store for you?

    What systems did you use to record your webinar?

    Do you use a teleseminar service? Which one?

    Thanks for the steps. I hope to get my own out there one day.
    Carol recently posted…Pros of Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    • Carol:

      I still upload my products to Amazon s3. Especially since they are video, I don’t want them hosted in my account.

      I used GoToWebinar to host my webinar. You can get it free for the first 30 days.

      I used InstantTeleseminar to record the audio.

      I actually used Camtasia to record the webinar.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Enjoyed your post, especially the suggested technical products. My only suggestion is if you are a newbie, and you don’t get it done in 48 or 72 or 1 week, don’t worry. Just keep working away at it. There is a fine line between making it good and making it never! Make it good, get it out there and then you can always edit, revise and change!

    Just, PLEASE, don’t compare yourself with someone who can get it done in a day and then give up because you can’t. I have read some of the get it done quick books and honestly, they look like they were done in a short time frame. TOO short sometimes, Bad spelling mistakes and lousy punctuation do NOT make a good product.
    Arla DeField – recently posted…“Don’t say yes, until you have thought it over” A Powerful Tip to make Saying NO easierMy Profile

    • Arla,

      I agree that you don’t have to create a product in 48 hours, but I do caution you in taking too much time. I procrastinated for a few months instead of just getting my product out there.

    • DTaRelle, Thank you. I am glad the information was useful. You are right. Working with Connie is such a blessing.

    • I am glad you found the information helpful. I had so many ideas in my head and I would start on one thing and then start another. I really had to get focused and get it done. Let me know how it works out for you.

  3. Congratulations on creating your first product!

    Thanks for the tips you share in this article. I have not created a product yet, mainly because I feel that there are so many excellent ones out there that I prefer to promote them as an affiliate marketer. I know all the successful online marketers stress how important it is to create products, so I look forward to seeing how it goes for you.

    I also enjoy watching and learning from your progress with the 10k coaching program.

    Moira recently posted…Do You Know How To Change Nameservers?My Profile

    • Moira:

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. I believe that you can still promote affiliate products and create your own products. You could start with something small just to get your feet wet.

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