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Promotion StrategyConnie Ragen and I just released a new information product, Top WordPress Plugins For Business (TopWPPluginsForBusiness). TopWPPluginsForBusiness includes the top 20 free WordPress plugins that are needed in your business. The product also includes videos on how to install the plugins and a bonus report on how to install WordPress. One of the things that I am experimenting with is different ways to promote our new product. I will use the following methods to promote the product: blog posts, articles, social media, press releases, audio, YouTube, file sharing, document sharing, email signature, forum signature, social media, Facebook advertising, website advertising and affiliates.

Promotion Strategy #1 – Blog Posts

The first thing I will do is create a blog posts about our product.  The first blog post “Do I Really Need WordPress Plugins?” has already been published. This blog post talks about WordPress plugins and the functionality that is needed that is provided by plugins. I will be writing more blog posts that will promote the product including this blog post.

Promotion Strategy #2 – Article Marketing

Writing articles and submitting them to the article directories is a great way to promote your product. You can include a link to your product in the resource box. “What Type of WordPress Plugins Are Needed For Business?” is an article that I wrote that is published on EzineArticles. This article discusses that type of WordPress plugins that are needed in business. I included a link to the sales page in the resource box.

Promotion Strategy #3 – Press Release

Press releases are a great way to get visibility for many things including the release of a new product; however, they are overlooked. I admit that I don’t use them enough myself.  I did submit a press release when I become the 3rd 10K Laser Coaching student of Connie Ragen Green.

Promotion Strategy #4 – Audio

While blog posts and articles are great ways to get the message out about your product, some people would rather consume information in audio format.  You can convert your blog posts and articles into audio files and host them on Sound Cloud. I recorded an audio for our product and hosted it on Sound Cloud.

Promotion Strategy #5 – Podcasts

Even though there seems like there are a lot of podcasts, it is much easier to rank for your keywords using the iTunes Podcast format than traditional search engines.  You can take the audios that you created in strategy #4 and create podcasts.

Promotion Strategy #6 – YouTube

There are two types of YouTube videos that you can create to promote your product – PowerPoint video and talking head video. With a PowerPoint video, you can convert your blog post or article to a PowerPoint and then create a video using either PowerPoint or Camtasia. With a talking head video, you create a video with you talking about your product or a topic related to your topic. There are multiple ways to record your video include a smart phone, camera, video camera, iPod, iPad or webcam.

Promotion Strategy #7 – File Sharing

If you create a PowerPoint presentation to promote your product, you can share it on file sharing sites. These are site where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations. Author Stream, Slide Share, Slide Boom and Slide Server are the file sharing sites that I use.

Promotion Strategy #8 – Document Sharing

Just like there are sites where you can share you PowerPoint presentations, there are sites where you can share your PDF documents. You can rewrite your blog posts and articles into a Word document and then save it as a PDF. Scribd and DocStoc are the document sharing sites that I use.

Promotion Strategy #9 – Widget on Website

You can create your own ad on your website.  I recommend your create a clickable image as a widget in your sidebar.  You are now advertising your own product on your own site.

Promotion Strategy #10 – Email Signature

Adding a description and a link for your product in your email signature is often an overlooked way to promote your product.  How many emails do you send in a day? There is a very low key way to promote your product.

Promotion Strategy #11 – Forum Signature

Just like your email signature, you can advertise in your forum signature.  Just make sure you read the rules as to what is allowed in your forum signature.  If a link to your product is allowed, make sure you are actively participating in the forum so you can maximize the number of people that see your link.

Promotion Strategy #12 – Affiliates

You can always do more with assistance than you can do by yourself. That is the idea with affiliates. Set up an affiliate program and allow others to promote and sell your product.

Promotion Strategy #13 – Social Media

There is no way you can overlook social media these days.  Using social media also gives you the opportunity for others to promote your product. The social media sites that I recommend are Facebook, Facebook Business Page, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Digg,

Promotion Strategy #14 – Groups

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have groups. There are thousands of groups and I am sure you can find some niche specific groups which would be ideal for promotion of your product.  Just make sure you understand the rules of the group.  Some groups do not allow self-promotion.

Promotion Strategy #15 – Facebook Advertising

Facebook has several ways that you can advertise to include Facebook Ads and promoted posts.  With promoted posts, you can advertise a post that is on your business page or use the Power Editor to promote a post that is not displayed on your page.

As you can see, there are many ways you can promote your product. I am sure that there are even more ways that were not mentioned in this article. I would love for you to comment on the ways that you use to promote your product as well as any additional ways that were missing from this article.


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  1. That’s nice. I actually wrote not long ago a blog post about 10 most used WordPress plugins and it was fun. It were all the plugins I use mostly for my blogs. I can see though how your product can help when it also gives video tutorials on how to install them and how to maximize their use by giving tips on how best to use them. Will be following this.

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