Remote Desktop – Access your Desktop or PC Remotely Using your Android Device

Remote DesktopYesterday I read an article from Tech Crunch that announced that Google has released a Chrome Remote Desktop application for your Android that allows you mobile access to your PC. Now as a person who loves gadgets and technology, this is really cool. I know in the corporate world we had tools like this, but now this is something that the average consumer can take advantage of.

In order to take advantage of this you need to install an app called “Chrome Remote Desktop”. You also have to install an app on your desktop or laptop which is available in the Chrome Web Store. One you install the app, you can connect remotely to your computer and access your files and folders.

How many times have you been away and then realized that you needed some information from your computer. It happened to me twice just yesterday. Someone asked me a question and the answer was on a file that was on my laptop.  I had to tell them that I would get back to them when I returned home from work. Also, I needed to send a file to someone yesterday, but that file was on my laptop at home as well.  If I know I will need a file, then I will upload it to Drop Box, but you cannot anticipate everything.

Lastly, the article goes on to talk about how you can help fix computer problems for others remotely. I know in my family I am the resident “Computer Helpdesk”. Whenever someone has a problem with their computer, I am the one that is called.  Sometimes I am able to resolve their problem and sometimes I am not. How cool would it be for me to initially remote desktop into their machine to see if I can resolve the problem?

Currently this application only works on PCs but they are working on a version for MACs. I believe that there are many uses for this technology. I won’t have to wait to get back home if I needed a file that was located on my laptop. Leave a comment and let everyone know how you could use this new technology.

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