Resell Rights –What They Are And How to Use Them

Resell RightsIf you have been around online marketing for any length of time you have heard of resell rights. As you may already know, there are many different kinds of resell  rights that come with the products that you buy. The main types of resell rights are normal, master, private label, give-away, royalty and rebranding.

Normal Resell Rights

Normal resell rights give you the right to resell a product to your customer. This can apply to both physical and digital products. You have the right to resell the product but your customer does not have the right to resell it to anyone. You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make. You need to make sure there are no limitations.  Sometimes, there may be a minimum price that you must charge for the product.

Master Resell Rights

With master resell rights, you have the right to resell the product as well as give the normal resell rights to your customers. Your customers can in turn resell the same product to their customers. Master resell rights can either be bundled together with the purchase of the product or purchased separately from the product.

Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights or PLR are my favorite type of product.  When you buy PLR you are usually given the right to change the product in any way you like, put your own name on it and sell it or give it away.  PLR may even come with resell rights or even master resell rights for your customers. With PLR you can use and treat the product as if it was your own creation.

Give Away Rights

With giveaway rights, you can give the product away for free. In most cases, however, you cannot resell it or edit it.

Royalty Rights

With royalty rights, you have to pay the original product owner or franchisor a percentage of every sale you make. Royalty rights normally apply to physical products. McDonald’s and books found in bookstores are very good examples that demonstrate this right.


With rebranding, you replace the author’s links with your own affiliate links. You will see this typically with a short report or eBook.  You execute rebranding software that inserts your affiliate links.  Typically, you are not allowed to edit the content.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available when it comes to resell rights.  You should check the rights of the products that you already own to ensure you are taking full advantage of the rights you have.  Before you buy a product, pay close attention to the sales letter to see what type of rights come with the product  Leave a comment and let me know what is your favorite type of resell rights.

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