RIP Amazon Listmania

RIP Amazon ListmaniaRest In Peace Amazon Listmania. The Amazon Listmania functionality has been discontinued. Listmania allowed Amazon customers to create lists from products that they found interesting.  This was a great way to earn affiliate income. The Amazon Listmania functionality included your affiliate links for the products in the list.  For example, every weekend, I created a Listmania list of business and online marketing related free Kindle books. 

You are probably wondering how you could earn income by giving away a list of free books.  Generally, when people shop on Amazon, they buy multiple things. How many times have you gone to Amazon to buy something and ended up buying additional items? There were several times when someone would buy something totally unrelated to the free Kindle books. I also did this because I like to provide value to my list.

Last weekend when I tried to update my list, I ran into technical difficulties.  I thought maybe something had happened to my list so I tried to create a new Amazon Listmania list.  This failed as well.  I contacted technical support and finally I received the message that put the nail in the coffin.  Here is an excerpt from the email I received.

“Hello Adrienne, This is Waheed from the Amazon Communities team. I’m really sorry that you’re having trouble creating a Listmania. Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available.”

Amazon Collections

This was not what I wanted to hear but now I must determine what I am going to do to replace the Amazon Listmania functionality.  Amazon has some new functionality called collections.  This is similar to Pinterest.  You can create collections and the add Amazon products to your collections.  The collections actually include the pictures of the products so it looks similar to Pinterest.  The problem is I have not found a way to include your affiliate link in these collections.  If you have your own products then you can create collections of your products.  For example, if you are an author you can create a collection of your books.

Amazon Listmania Alternative – HTML Tables

So while collections are a nice new feature, it does not replace the way I was using the Amazon Listmania functionality. Back to the drawing board I go.  I could create a HTML table on a WordPress page and add the links for the books into the table.  I did this but this is very cumbersome and time consuming.  Below is how the table is displayed.

Amazon Listmana Alternative - HTML Table

Amazon Listmania Alternative – WordPress Plug-in

I was still trying to come up with a solution to the Amazon Listmania dilemma and found a WordPress plug-in that I can use.  It is called Amazon Simple Admin.  Amazon Simple Admin  allows you to integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages.  This plug-in uses your Amazon tracking ID so you can earn affiliate income. By using the template feature, you can present the products in different styles on different pages. You can also create collections and add your products to the collections. Below is how the products will be displayed on your WordPress page.  

Amazon Listmania Alternative - Plugin Example

 I will be using this plug-in for the list of free books this weekend.  Sign up now to receive your list of free business and online marketing related Kindle books. 


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  1. Hi Adrienne, thank you for letting us know about this. I had just started using Listmania a couple of weeks ago and have not had time to return to it. I will be looking for your review of the plug-in and how it is working out for you.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I had never used, though I do have a small amount of stuff going through Amazon on occasion. Let us know what you end up doing as a replacement and how it works out for you.
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