Selling Private Label Physical Products on Amazon

private label physical productsMost online marketers are familiar with making money with Amazon by publishing Kindle books through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), publishing physical books through Create Space and becoming an Amazon affiliate through the Amazon Associates program. These are all great programs but you probably won’t be able to quit your job with these programs.

A lot of people are also starting to use the Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA program. In this case, you find products either online or at stores that you can sell for a profit. You ship them to Amazon and they are sold just like any another product on Amazon. Amazon collects the money and ships the items to the customer. Amazon handles the customer service as well. This business model is more lucrative than the ones mentioned previously.

There is another of aspect of FBA which is not as popular but is gaining popularity and visibility. You sell your own private label physical products on Amazon. You actually contact manufacturers and produce a product with your own brand. This will allow you to create a truly sustainable business that can support your family. Adding your own private label gives your product more value.

You may not have been aware that you can compete with the “big boys”. You can create your own brand with your own label. There are many benefits to developing your own brand. I will just name a few. It is cheaper to buy unbranded products than ones that are part of an existing brand. You don’t have to invest in a manufacturing plan, machines or personnel.

The good thing about manufacturing your own private label products is you can order in small quantities. I am in the final stages of manufacturing my first private label product and I was able to order only 160 units. This gives me a chance to test this product and make any tweaks.

If you would like to learn more about manufacturing and selling your own private label physical products on Amazon then you can get access to a free report, Proven Private Label Report. This free report gives you 9 concise ideas to build your online business with physical private label products. Get the free Proven Private Label Report so you can learn how to profit from this lucrative business model.

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