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SEO Blog Improvement TipsIf you have a website, then you need to be concerned with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. According to, SEO is the process of manipulating the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine. Many people shy away from SEO because they believe they are not technical enough to improve SEO on their website, but that is not true. As seen below, you do not have to be that technical to make some great improvements. Neil Patel has some great SEO blog improvement tips. Below are 14 tips:

1.    Improve your page loading speed

2.    Produce high quality content

3.    Optimize your images

4.    Break up your content with header tags

5.    Start blogging

6.    Use outbound links

7.    Add more than text

8.    Make sure your site is readable

9.    Fix any broken links

10.                  Optimize your site for mobile devices

11.                  Properly format your page

12.                  Provide appropriate contact information

13.                  Encourage sharing on social media

14.                  Use keywords

I will elaborate on some of these SEO blog improvement tips.

SEO Blog Improvement Tip #3

You should include at least one image in your blog post. A lot of time, the image is very big that is inserted into your site. One way to optimize the image and decrease the time it takes your site to load is to use a WordPress plugin that optimizes and compresses your images. I use WPSmush.

SEO Blog Improvement Tip #9

Once you have been blogging awhile, you will experience broken links. This is caused by links in your blog posts that are no longer functional as well as broken links in comments. It is bad to have broken links on your site, but you need an automated way to find these links. I use the WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker. This plugin monitors your links and will send you an email when broken links are detected.

SEO Blog Improvement Tip #13

When people read your blog posts, you want to make it easy for them to share your post on social media. Use a WordPress plugin that displays a social media bar on your website.

SEO Blog Improvement Tip #14

I use Yoast SEO that helps with keywords. It also helps with readability.

As you can see, adding these SEO blog improvement tips are easy. Many of them can be done by using a WordPress plugin.


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