SEO Blog Tips – How To Get The Most From Your Blog Posts

SEO Blog TipsOne thing that seems confusing for a lot of bloggers is search optimization.  Everybody talks about it but nobody really explains what you need to do to optimize your blog posts.  SEO and blogging is not that difficult.  Below is a list of SEO blog tips that you need to keep in mind.




Six Essential SEO Blog Tips

  • SEO Blog Tip 1 – Make sure your keyword phrase in your title.  It is preferable for it to be as close to the front of the title as possible.
  • SEO Blog Tip 2 – Make sure your keyword is in your meta description.  The meta description is used to generate the snippet used in search engine results.
  • SEO Blog Tip 3 – Keyword density is a measure of how many times your keyword phrase appears in your blog post.  The density should be between 3% and 5%.
  • SEO Blog Tip 4 – Your keyword phrase should appear in your H1, H2 and H3 tags. These are your heading tags.  Your title is a H1 tag and should only have 1 H1 tag.  H2 tags are used for major headings in your blog posts.  H3 tags are used for sub headings under your H2 tags.
  • SEO Blog Tip 5 – Your keyword should appear in your blog posts as bolded, underlined and in italics.  This should not be overused or look unnatural.
  • SEO Blog Tip 6 – Your keyword should be used in the title and <alt tag> of your images.  This will ensure that your blog posts will show up in the image search engines.

Trying to keep track of all this manually can be a pretty daunting task.  Fortunately, there are automated tools available that measure the search optimization of your blog posts.  MeasureMySEO is a WordPress plugin that will automatically score each post and page so you know how you are doing with regards to SEO.  MeasureMySEO will even automatically check each post as you are writing it. You can also go back and calculate the SEO for your old posts.

If you are going to go through all of the trouble of blogging, then you want it to be effective as possible.  MeasureMySEO is a great tool to assist with getting the best SEO that you can from each and every one of your blog posts.


SEO Blog Tips – How To Get The Most From Your Blog Posts — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for a concise and easy to follow guideline to SEO for bloggers. You really made what has BEEN a difficult concept for my head to wrap around, a much easier one now. Thanks! And with these WordPress plugins that I have been learning about as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I am seriously giving consideration to switching out of the present platform that I have to a WordPress one. I feel like I am missing out on so much since these are not available to me. Food for thought…..

    • Emily, I am glad that you found the information helpful. My goal is to make technical information very easy for beginners to understand.

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