Secrets For Creating A Social Media Giveaway

Social Media GiveawayDo you use social media in your business? These days, it is imperative that you have an online presence and you pay attention to social media. No longer can you just post content to your blog and email your list. You must also incorporate social media. More than likely you have a giveaway on your landing page or your blog. But, you should also be creating social media giveaways. Here are 11 secrets to creating a social media giveaway.

Ivan Hamlin wrote How To Create A Successful Social Media Giveaway where he revealed the 11 secrets of creating a successful social media giveaway. The 11 secrets are:

  1. Set a measurable goal
  2. Go beyond traditional marketing
  3. What are you giving away?
  4. Use alternatives like coupons
  5. The right marketing
  6. Reach out to bloggers
  7. Constant promotion is the key
  8. Keep the audience hopeful
  9. Credibility is important
  10. Do announce the winners
  11. Get the winners to share their experience

Not only do you want to market your giveaway but you want others to do it as well. You could create incentives so people will share your giveaway. Another way is to get influencers to market it as well. Reaching out to bloggers in your niche is a great way to market your social media giveaway. You want to find bloggers that are in your niche and get them to market your contest. Here are 3 tools that you can use for finding bloggers in your niche are:

  1. Alltop
  2. FollowerWonk
  3. Google Search

These days, you can not ignore social media and it is a great way to engage more with your customers and grow your list. Think about what you could give away that would be of interest on social media. You want to think of something that could potentially go viral. What are you going to give away and how will you market it?

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