Sometimes You Have To Let It Go

Let It GoSometimes You Have To Let It Go

Recently, I finally got rid of my 2000 Toyota Avalon. It had over 250,000 miles on it and needed significant work (catalytic converter and sensors). It would not pass emissions so either I had to get it fixed or let it go. I really didn’t want to get rid of it even though I purchased a new Toyota Avalon in January 2015. When the tow truck took it away, I was a little sad. I knew it may sound pretty silly but I had that car for 16 years. There were a lot of fond memories. My son played travel basketball growing up so that car saw many road trips. But is was time to let it go.

The same thing can happen in your business. Sometimes it is time to let things go. You may be doing something that was good to do at the time but now it is not. It is time to let it go. I will give you an example. At one time, posting articles in the article directories was a great way to drive traffic to your website. Google loved them and your articles would show up high in the search rankings. At some point, Google no longer loved them so these directories did not help your business as much. I used to write articles on a regular basis and even hosted a 30 Day Article Challenge. This is an example of something I had to let go. You can still write articles but they are not going to give you the boost they once did. This is no longer a priority in my business.

Are there things you are doing in your business that no longer serve you? You need to do an assessment every 3 months to determine if you need to make changes. You may need to add some things and let others go.

One of the hot things right now is live video. There is Periscope and Facebook Live. People still watch a lot of YouTube videos but they are really into live video now. I follow several people on Periscope and look forward to their scopes. Facebook Live is even newer and is gaining popularity every day. Are you embracing these new technologies? I am not saying that you should drop everything you are doing to jump on the latest bandwagon, but you must be aware of the trends. You don’t want to be thought of as “a thing of the past”.

Don’t be so stuck on how you have always done things that you are not open to new things. Be objective and determine when it is time to let things go. A successful business is one that keeps up with the trends and is willing to try new things.

If you would like more information about Periscope then check out Periscope Marketing Authority Social Informer Cheat Sheet and the Udemy course Periscope Business. You can check out Your Guide to Growing Your Loyal Audience Using Facebook Live and Turning Them into Subscribers and Sales to learn more about Facebook Live.


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