Goal Setting – Stretch Yourself

Do you do goal setting on a regular basis? If not, you should definitely consider it. Actually setting goals and then declaring them in public, makes you more accountable. I have decided to join Kelly McCausey’s Stretch Yourself Challenge this … Continue reading

Monetizing Your Short Report

One of the most powerful things to create in your online marketing business is a short report.  According to eHow.com, “a short report informs the reader about a specific subject to help her make a decision. Usually no longer than … Continue reading

What Are Podcasts And How Can They Help Your Business

What Are Podcasts Podcasting is a term that was only coined in 2004, combining two words: iPod and broadcasting. Ironically, this definition is somewhat of a misnomer since neither component is completely accurate. Neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires … Continue reading

Podcast Interview – Being Super Intentional About Growing Your Business

My first Podcast interview is now live.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts. I have known about Kelly for a few years now.  We both attend the NAMS Conference and I have even attended … Continue reading