Podcast #6: Leave The Corporate World Behind Podcast – The Genius Hour

When you interview 35 entrepreneurs you will learn some amazing things. Everyone has their own perspective and can offer outstanding advice. This is exactly what happened with The Genius Hour. Connie Ragen Green held a live event in October 2014 … Continue reading

Podcast: Leave The Corporate World Behind – Tools I Use In My Online Business

There are many tools that are used in your online marketing business. There are paid tools, but there are also free tools that you can use. This podcast will discuss 8 tools that are used for the following: Social Sharing … Continue reading

What Are Podcasts And How Can They Help Your Business

What Are Podcasts Podcasting is a term that was only coined in 2004, combining two words: iPod and broadcasting. Ironically, this definition is somewhat of a misnomer since neither component is completely accurate. Neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires … Continue reading

Podcast Interview – Being Super Intentional About Growing Your Business

My first Podcast interview is now live.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kelly McCausey of SoloSmarts. I have known about Kelly for a few years now.  We both attend the NAMS Conference and I have even attended … Continue reading