Tech Online Marketing Question – What Is Your #1 Question?

Tech Online Marketing QuestionThere are so many tools and techniques that you can employ as part of your online marketing business.  One thing that really paralyzes people is the “tech” things associated with online marketing.  In some cases once you know one little thing the floodgates open.  For example, there were Kindle online marketing books that were free.  I wanted to create an Amazon ListMania with my affiliate links to promote the sale.  I was able to ask my mentor and it took less than five minutes to complete the task.

Leave a comment with your #1 tech online marketing question that you want answered.


Tech Online Marketing Question – What Is Your #1 Question? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Adrienne!
    No question… just saying “Hello”! Good Job! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and to have a “working” dinner with you soon!

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