The 5×10 Method Product Review

The 5x10 MethodDennis Becker is one of the most respected online marketers out there. He always puts out excellent content. His latest eBook is called The 5×10 Method. This 96 page eBook shows you how to create content. Content is key to an internet marketing business. You need all types of content from blog posts to podcasts to videos. The more content that you have out there, the more traffic, money and followers you will have.

The first thing Dennis states is that you have to have goals. Do you have goals as to how much content you want to create every day, every week, every month or every year? You also need to have goals for the type of content you are going to create. Some of the different types of content are blog posts, free reports, articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, Periscopes and even social media content.

The 5×10 Method

The 5×10 method is all about creating 5 types of content and creating 10 of those 5 types. The five types of content are articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and social media content. This eBook will teach you how to schedule and plan this content even if you are only working part-time.

I know from personal experience that I get more traffic to my blog when I create more content. I have participated in 30-day blog challenges in the past. When I did this, there was more traffic to my blog as well as more engagement with my audience.

Having more content can do the following:

  • Increase Perceived Expertise
  • Increase Your Income
  • Grow Your List

The 5×10 Method shows you exactly how to plan for the content, provides an overview of the five different types of content and shows you how to create it. It also has a section on repurposing your content. Lastly, a detailed 30 Day Action Plan is included.

Reading The 5×10 Method has reinvigorated me. I know that I have not been as diligent as I need to when it comes to content creation. If I want to take my business to new heights, then I need to get serious about this. What about you? Are you creating all of the content that you can or can you do better? Let’s do this together. If we get started now, we could have a totally different business in 30 days. Check out The 5×10 Method to jump start your business now.

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