Top 10 Reasons To Use Live Stream to Grow Your Business

Live StreamIf you break out into a cold sweat at the very idea of presenting live video on YouTube or Facebook, you’re not alone. But if this fear is holding you back, here are the top 10 reasons why you need to get over it, and go for it.  Check out the top 10 reasons why you should  be using live stream to grow your business.

Live Stream Reason #1 – Most People Are Visual Learners

Around 70% of the population learn through seeing, rather than listening and reading. Around 75% of all YouTube visitors are actually searching for “how-to” videos, not crazy cat or music ones. If you have something to teach, video will be the best option for your target audience to learn.

Live Stream Reason #2 – Increased Engagement

Using live video will give them what they want and boost engagement. They will make comments and ask questions. Through the Q and A process, they will feel like they know you, and that can increase engagement even more, forging stronger relationships with your target audience.

Live Stream Reason #3 – User Preferences

When it comes to video, 80% of people would rather watch a live video from a brand they are interested in, than to read a blog post. Also, 82% would rather watch a live video than read a social media post. If you are not already using video, now is the time to start!

Live Stream Reason #4 – Realism

A live video is unedited. It will help viewers feel they are getting to see and know the real you. This can lead to brand loyalty and faith that your marketing messages are honest.

Live Stream Reason #5 – The Human Touch

There is so much automated marketing online, your target audience might often feel they are being hassled on all sides by robots. A video with you in it talking about something they care about gives your business a more human touch.

Live Stream Reason #1 – Easy To Use Platforms

You’ve probably been using your Facebook account for years, and had a YouTube channel for some time, so adding live streams will not be a totally new experience with a steep learning curve. You are already familiar with the interfaces, so you can present your video without fumbling around trying to figure out how to use the dashboard.

Live Stream Reason #7 – High Visibility For Free Traffic

YouTube is owned by Google. Top YouTube videos often end up on the first page of the search engine results. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world, and a search engine, where people go to search for content they need, such as how-to videos. YouTube is also a social network, with people commenting on videos and sharing recommendations with others.

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world, with around 2 billion unique visitors per month. It is also a search engine, with people typing search queries right inside the interface.

All your videos will show on your Facebook page. They will also be sent to the pages of your followers, for high visibility. And all you have to do is create the video.

Live Stream Reason #8 – Archiving Your Efforts

Once your live stream is over, it will automatically be archived so that anyone can watch it later. And if it turns out badly, all you have to is delete it. If you want to make the archived version exclusive, change the privacy settings.

Live Stream Reason #9 – No Need For Complicated Editing

Your audience will understand that a live video will not be perfect, so you have no need to edit video for hours trying to get everything just right. Point, shoot, stream!

Live Stream Reason #10 – Compelling Content That Will Make Them Come Back For More

Every video should cater to the most common questions related to your niche. Offer a certain number of hints and tips and you will leave them hungry for more of your expert advice. Live video can definitely position you as an expert.

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