The Trials and Tribulations Of My Latest Product Launch

Product LaunchFriday, I launched my third product, How To Create A Sidebar Widget. This was my second product that I created by myself and the third product that I have been involved with. I thought I was much more prepared than the first product launch, but I still ran into problems. At first I was going to just keep this to myself.  For one thing I am a pretty private person and it was embarrassing. I was urged by a couple of people to share my story since I briefly mentioned it in an email to my list. In my attempt to get out of my comfort zone this year and be more transparent, I will share it. This is not meant to be a whining session, but, hopefully, someone will learn something from my sharing.

First, I always seem to find other things to do than work on product creation. I know this is silly because this is the thing that will generate income.  Maybe it is fear of failure or fear of rejection. Whatever it is, I need to get over this quick. I had the outline of what I was going to do and my Tech Person laid out all of the pages of the membership site. It was the 11th hour when everything finally was completed.

Product Launch Lesson #1 – Do A Test Recording

I waited to record the longest video to last. I recorded the entire video in Camtasia and when I went to edit it, there was no sound. Now I am a little panicked. Has something happened to my computer? It has been making this weird noise lately and I think it has something to do with the speakers. Before I completely panic, I reboot my machine, try a little test and everything is fine. I proceed to record the entire video over again. The lesson here is to try a test before you start recording the real video.

Product Launch Lesson #2 – Make Sure You Are Not Logged In When Testing Your Sales Process

My product is being sold through JVZoo and hosted in a WishList membership site. This set up is a little tricky, because JVZoo doesn’t have an option to use WishList. You have to select ClickBank. I was certain everything was set up correctly including the integration with Aweber. JVZoo has a feature where you can test the entire buying process for 1 cent.  I did that the night before and it worked. I bought the product from JVZoo and once my payment was processed, I was taken to WishList to create my login. Well, it didn’t work like that when others tried to buy the product. They were never taken to a page where they could actually create a login for WishList. I then discovered that the reason it may have worked for me was because I was logged in as an Admin. Lesson #2 is to make sure you are logged out of all of the systems when you are testing the sales process.

Product Launch Lesson #3 – Set Up Your Aweber Integration in WishList not JVZoo

I set up my product so that when someone buys the product through JVZoo, they are automatically added to an Aweber list.  The problem is not everyone is coming through JVZoo so they are not being added to the Aweber list. If you give the product away as a bonus, then those people do not come through JVZoo because they are not buying the product. You can either manually add them to the membership site or send them a link to add themselves to the membership site. You should set up the Aweber integration in WishList notAweber. Regardless of whether they are buying the product or getting a complimentary copy, they must create a login in WishList.

As you can see, I did run into a few glitches, but as I execute more product launches, the process will be much smoother. All I can do is learn from my mistakes, fix my mistakes and move on. I hope that this post will help you avoid some of these pitfalls during your next product launch.


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  1. The article is really very good. pleasure reading the article, author has done a good job. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Adrienne, thanks for sharing. I found it very helpful. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new product. My website can use some help :o) B blessed. Ebony

  3. Dear Adrienne,
    This has been so valuable! Thanks so much for sharing the glitches, down to the nth detail. I’ll be we could put together another product entitled, “Glitches I have Known,” or something like that. It would be a best seller!


  4. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations in creating your latest product and clearly defining what the lessons were that you learned as a result. Also, congratulations on having three products out already… in less than one year of focusing on your online marketing business.

    While I do understand that creating your own products is more lucrative, I do like affiliate marketing as you don’t have to go through this rigmarole … Looking forward to watching your next 10K coaching call to see how you did with your product launches.
    Moira recently posted…Forever Affiliate Review: What’s In The Theory Section?My Profile

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