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Twitter AnalyticsAs you know there are tools out there to track the analytics of your website. Google Analytics is probably the most popular one.  But, did you know that there are analytics tools for Twitter also? I will discuss 4 free twitter analytics tools.

Twitter Analytics Tool #1 – TweetReach

TweetReach is used to determine how far your Tweets are reaching. You connect TweetReach to Twitter and then you can run reports.  You can run a report for a screen name, hashtag, URL or a phrase. The reports include your estimated reach, exposure, activity, top contributors, most retweeted tweets, contributors and tweets timeline. Exposure is the overall number of impressions generated by tweets in the report. The report also includes the total number of tweets and unique contributors, the time period covered by the report and graphical timeline.

Twitter Analytics Tool #2 – Twitter Counter

TwitterCounter measures your twitter growth as well as it allows you to compare your statistics with other people. It will show your number of followers, number of tweets, number of people you are following and your worldwide rank.  Twitter Counter will also show you your daily average for followers, tweets and following.

The feature I like the best about Twitter Counter is the profile checker which is a twitter profile health check. The first part will check your personal information to include your profile picture, biography, location, website, background and header. The second part of the profile check is your Twitter performance. This includes your number of followers, followers vs. following, average tweets per day, follower growth, last tweet and retweetability. The last part of the health check is recommendations.  First you get a grade on your overall health check. It will also include recommendations of things you should do to improve your Twitter profile and performance.

Twitter Analytics Tool #3 – Twitonomy

Twitonomy gives you detailed and visual analytics on your tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, or hashtags.  The profile section includes tweets analytics such as average number of tweets per day, percentage of retweets, average number of mentions per tweet, percentage of replies, average number of links per tweet, average number of hashtags per tweet, percentage of tweets retweeted by others, average number of retweets, percentage of tweets favorited and the average number of tweets favorited. There are several graphs that are included such as your tweet history, users most retweeted, users most replied to, users most mentioned and hashtags most used. The Mentions & RT tab includes a graph of your mentions. This tab also shows your potential reach, most influential users and most active users. The followers tab can show all of your followers or followers you are not following or followers you are following. The “people you are following” tab can show you everyone you are following, everyone you are following who is following you back and everyone you are following who is not following you back.

Twitter Analytics Tool #4 – Twtrland

Twtrland provides a visual look at your statistics. It displays your average number of tweets per day, the average number of retweets per 100 tweets and replies per 100 tweets. It also shows you demographics of your followers. I found out some interesting statistics when I ran the tool on my profile.  56% of my followers are men, 76% are from the United States and 21% are power users. It displays a pie chart of your tweets distribution. You also get followers demographics to include countries, cities and skills of your followers.

As you can see there are a lot of analytics you can get related to your twitter account and several tools that you can use to get them.  Prior to doing research for this post I was only using Twitter Counter on a regular basis.  I now see that there are many more tools available with additional data that I can gather and analyze.  Which tools do you already use and which tools do you think you will use in the future?  Leave your answers as comment.


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