Video Scribing – What Is It and Why I Should Do It

We are currently be told that we should use video because it keeps everyone’s attention.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Video scribing is a very unique way to create videos that uses visual story telling.  It uses audio, video and third party interaction.  Video scribing is the next big thing in online video marketing.

Video Scribing – Why Should I Use It?

You may be thinking, so why should I use video scribing.  Three reasons why you should use it are: it keeps attention longer, it is unique and your viewers will retain more of your information. The continuous motion and the anticipation of what is going to happen next keep your viewers’ attention. Even though this becoming very popular, video scribing is still not mainstream.  You will stand out from the crowd. Since this medium is so different, people will remember your video and will tell other people about it as well.

Video Scribing – How Can I Use It?

The ways that video scribing can be used are endless.  You can create social media videos to spread on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You can create marketing videos.  I actually created a video that welcomes people to my blog, The Online Newbie, and instructs them to claim my free report. You can also create presentation and “how-to” videos. Lastly, you can use these videos as blog posts.  Instead of just creating text blog posts, you can spice it up with videos.

Video Scribing – How to Get Started

If you search for video scribing on Google, you will find thousands of resorts.  There are professional companies that create the videos for you for thousands of dollars.  However, I found video scribing software that is pretty inexpensive.  You can download a 7 day free trial or subscribe monthly or yearly.  The software is called VideoScribe. VideoScribe includes royalty free music and images.  You can also upload your own images and include your own voice. The Pro version of VideoScribe allows you to create commercial full HD output with no watermarks or branding.  The output formats include .MOV and .FLV.  You can also upload to YouTube and Facebook.  VideoScribe is available for PC, MAC and iPad.

I just found out about this software today and I created a short video after just watching 2 short tutorial videos. I recommend that you check out VideoScribe and include it in your marketing arsenal. The video that is included as part of this post was created by VideoScribe.


Video Scribing – What Is It and Why I Should Do It — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Adrienne, I really enjoyed the teleseminar and thought u did a great job. I’m excited to learn of these resources, especially the video scribe. I already have several things in mind and can’t wait to get started. Can’t wait for the next seminar. B blessed. Ebony

    • Ebony, glad you enjoyed the teleseminar. Let me know when you create your first video using Video Scribe.

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