Welcome to Leave the Corporate World Behind

Leave The Corporate World Behind

Hello! I am Adrienne Dupree. I am an author a full-time entrepreneur and have an ecommerce business.  Specifically, I am an online and affiliate marketer. I am a former Program Manager that left the corporate world  behind in October 2015.

My book, Leave The Corporate World Behind, chronicles the stories of online marketers who have left corporate America and now have a full-time online marketing business. It also includes part-time online marketers who still work in corporate America. I am also a contributing author to What Is Your Why? and Positioning Yourself as an Expert: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Become Credible Authorities.

Welcome to Leave The Corporate World Behind. My mission is to teach people in corporate America who want to get out of the rat race how to start an online internet marketing business. The goal of this online marketing business is to replace their income. It will also allow them to control their own destiny and stop trading time for dollars.

Leave The Corporate World Behind has developed various products that can assist you in developing a successful business. How To Create An Amazon Store is step-by-step video training will show how to create your own Amazon aStore that is fully integrated into your WordPress site. How To Create A Sidebar Widget is video training that will show you step by step how to create your own image for your sidebar widget. You can create sidebar widgets that can be used to promote your own products or affiliate products. Top WP Plugins For Business is a product that I created with Connie Ragen Green that introduces the top 20 WordPress plugins for your online business.  The 15 Day Analytics Challenge provides an introduction to Google Analytics, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Google Analytics account as well as step-by-step instructions on how to run the various reports. And lastly, Affiliate Niche Site will teach you how to set up your own affiliate niche sites for another stream of income.

I added selling physical products on Amazon to my business 2 years ago. If you are interested in this business model, check out How To Get Started With Amazon FBA. You can even sign up for a free e-course.

Leave The Corporate World Behind will equip you with the tools and knowledge that you need to get started online whether you have a technical background or not. Leave The Corporate World Behind can help you to start realizing your dreams of controlling your own destiny and developing a successful online business. Even if you have to start part-time, I can help you because I know how to juggle a demanding corporate career and an online business.


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  1. Hi Adrienne, I just love your message and what you are doing here on your blog Adrienne. I agree with everything you have stated here. The Network Marketing Profession can be a tough one.

    The past few years I have been training with some of the top leaders in the industry. I do know that you do have to invest in yourself to become a better person. everyday is a learning experience HUH?

    Youare quite the inspiration Girl and I do look forward to meeting you face to face some day 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

    Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…The Network Marketing ProfessionMy Profile

  2. I agree with your post that it is very possible to work at this business and do a day job at the same time until you make that desired breakthrough. It really is common sense, I just lacked it at first. My problem originally was that my full time job was all about working with computers and then coming back home to spend all evening on one, without really having an idea what to do or the time to decide. It frankly did my head in and was damaging my eyesight. So I bit the bullet and went part time and can now dedicate more time to online efforts, which I really enjoy. I am lucky that I was able to do this, while so many others can’t. I have also been able to focus on a specific way to make money as I have more time to work on it. This is something I did not do at first, like so many others sadly. Time can be a big problem and pressure creator if you let it.
    Phil Mason recently posted…Is It Just Impossible To Make Money Online?My Profile

  3. I agree with you Adrienne starting any type of online business whether it be blogging, marketing, services or e-commerce is a real pain. So many pitfalls, and setbacks. The amount of scams and ripoff artists is scary. But it can be done you must do best to research everything that you think will help.
    Paul recently posted…How to get traffic without search enginesMy Profile

  4. I love your graphic and your blog.

    I have an Amazon ebook that might be appropriate for your readers. Would you be interested in reviewing it? If so, I can send you a copy.

    The link is: http://www.amazon.com/INSPIRED-MARKETING-ARTICLES-PUBLICITY-ebook/dp/B007IKIF84

    I might change the cover to rerelease after I write two more books to make it a series. I am also talking to newbies which is why I value your opinion.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Myrna Greenhut
    Myrna Greenhut recently posted…The Digital Ebook Way to Spin Straw Into Gold Without Giving Your First-Born AwayMy Profile

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