What Is Google Analytics?

Google AnalyticsWhat Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics, also commonly referred to as GA, is one of the many services offered by the search engine giant Google. It is primarily a resource used by people owning websites who want to measure the performance of their websites using statistics. Internet marketers, bloggers, webmasters or companies owning websites are just some of the people who benefit from this tool. Google Analytics records every activity to, on and from the website which allows its users to know exactly how their website is performing.

Google Analytics records the traffic to a website, the redirected or rerouted visitors from other sites, search engines, directories, advertising platforms or even people accessing a website by directly entering the URL into a browser. The tool goes even further and records the amount of time a visitor spends on a website or on a given webpage within a website, the geographical location of the user or viewer, whether or not the user is eventually buying anything, signing up for a service or expressing interest in a product.

There are various ways Google Analytics tracks user activity on a website. Right from the advertisement links to referring through social networks, every source, route and access of a user is recorded. It records data in real time and offers a quick real time snapshot.

Marketers can access the analysis made by Google Analytics by using the dashboard of the application, where a summary of the assessment is displayed or they can view comprehensive reports based on different aspects of the website, such as; traffic, page views, visitor behavior, etc. that detail everything extensively.

Google Analytics has multiple utilities. It can be used to gauge the popularity of a website, the ranking in search engines, the performance in regards to sales and activity and to understand if the marketing practices are effective. It also helps you to understand if the content on your webpage is impressive, if the ads posted on certain affiliate networks are getting results and conversions and every other aspect associated with a website’s performance.

15 Day Analytics Challenge

Now that you know what Google Analytics is, you probably want to learn how to effectively use Google Analytics to analyze the productivity of your own website. The 15 Day Analytics Challenge is a beginner-friendly course that teaches you how to set up Google Analytics and run the reports that are essential for your website. This course is taught over a 3-week period using live and recorded webinars that give you step-by-step directions. The 15 Day Analytics Challenge also includes 15 mini lessons that reinforce the material covered in the webinars using more detailed videos, audios, and checklists. Learning how to set up Google Analytics and analyzing the reports is one of the essential parts of a successful online business.

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